Welcome to the Travel Fence.

We all love to travel either on vacation or to escape the cold or heat throughout the year with our small children or our four-legged family members. This can be a fun adventure and at times challenging depending upon the pets we need to walk and tend to or the age of our children.

The Travel Fence can be the solution you are looking for to make that vacation or adventure more relaxing for all of the family. The Travel Fence is lightweight, easy to assemble and store. It’s perfect to create a secluded space next to your RV, Motor home or Travel Trailer that gives your family members an area to play and relax without curiosities drawing them beyond the area you are staying, or others to roam in that you might not desire without invitation.

The Travel Fence adjusts to the terrain around your RV, Motorhome or Travel Trailer space. The Travel Fence even covers the skirting areas to keep smaller children or pets from roaming underneath to other locations you do not desire. This keeps your storage areas clear for access during your stay. To find out more about The Travel Fence click on our products page.

Remember children and pets should always be supervised.

The Travel Fence positioned against an RV to keep two small dogs within the designated area while at an RV park.